Long Night? Maybe try some Green Tea? On your eyes!

I drink green tea all the time. It really helps me relax, and the health benefits from the antioxidants it contains can’t be denied.

But did you know you can recycle your used tea bags… on your eyes!

Whenever I finish my cup of tea, I take my used tea bag and place it in a container in the fridge.

The next time I wake up after a long night, I’ll take 3 extra minutes getting ready.

I’ll lay down, put on some lavender essential oils, lay down and apply the cold tea bags to the growing bags under my eyes.

After 10 minutes, I can notice how much cleaner my eyes look.

This is a great way to reuse what we already consume, helping our health and our environment.

If you want to learn more about the science behind Green Tea, you can read our article here.

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