PPE Skin Issues Faced by Corovid-19 Front Line Workers

Free Thielo Skin Care for COVID Front Line Workers

In the middle of this crisis I think of our front line workers and how their skin is affected by using PPE for over 12 hours each day. The pictures shared on social media made me cry. I’m so grateful to our health care workers who are defending us from this terrible disease. During times […]

Long Night? Maybe try some Green Tea? On your eyes!

I drink green tea all the time. It really helps me relax, and the health benefits from the antioxidants it contains can’t be denied. But did you know you can recycle your used tea bags… on your eyes!

Avocado and Honey Natural Facemasks

Natural Avocado Revitalizing Face Mask

Avocados are an amazing fruit. They are filled with rich in omega 3 fatty acids. But did you know that you can do more than just eat them?